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Yasai is a fictional character created by a user known as Seiki. Yasai's name is derived from the japanese word for vegetable. Yasai is rather a minor character, yet when she does appear, she is typically a Subterra brawler.

Bakugan Tales:Edit

Yasai appears in the fan-fiction/role-play series Bakugan Tales. She is daughter to Shun of the original battle brawlers. Yasai is rather fond of flowers, especially roses and cherry blossoms. She uses Subterra Bakugan exclusively.

Yasai's house is the last that Seiki, Hoshi, Aaron, and Valentin arrive at when they learn that the Order of Shadows is going after the children of the original brawlers. When they arrive, they learn that Yasai had already been captured and is being held prisoner. She is later rescued, but doesn't get to brawl very much as the newest members of the group. She is later seperated from the group by an explosion that is set off by the Order. As a reult she forgets her friends. After a few months of searching, she is eventually found and rejoins the team.

As the worlds fall to the Order of Shadows, brawlers from across the globe are assigned to go and fight to protect them; Yasai is assigned to Gundalia. After being trapped by Masquerade and having a short battle with him that she inevitable loses, he captures her and transforms her into a Bakugan under his power. She has been used against her friends a couple of times in battle. The other brawlers eventually saved her from Masquerade and restored her from a Bakugan. Yasai has said she is leaving the group to go home.

Yasai's original team consited of Subterra Van Falco and Subterra Seige, the former being her guardian. The means of which she obtained these Bakugan is unknown. When she was found after being seperated from the group, she was given a Subterra Wolverine that became her new guardian. Van Falco became a support Bakugan that remained on her team.


  • Subterra Wildvine (Guardian)
  • Subterra Paladin
  • Subterra Paladin
  • Subterra Van Falco (Former Guardian)
  • Subterra Seige
  • Subterra Wolverine (Formerly)
  • Subterra Grafias (Trap)