Valentin Kazami from the Bakugan Tales series is an alternate universe version of Valentin Kazami.


Like the actual Valentin for the main Bakugan Universe, he has a strong hatred for evil and dislikes doing the wrong thing. Unlike the main Valentin, he is more patient and observant. He also looks out for his Bakugan (which are currently the same ones from the actual Bakugan Universe) and makes sure that he does not lose them.


Bakugan Tales Book One: Leonidas's WishEdit

  • Darkus Omega Leonidas - Darkus Doom Leonidas
  • Darkus Snapzoid

Bakugan Tales Book Two: Order of ShadowsEdit

Bakugan Tales Book Three: RevolutionsEdit

  • Darkus Uranium Leonidas
  • Darkus Trick Snapzoid
  • Darkus Dextra Buganoid
  • Darkus ChamAlien
  • Pyrus Swampfire