Darkus Uranium Leonidas 1,500 Gs

Darkus Uranium Leonidas

ARGH! I feel like I'm being reborn, yet being torn apart at the same time!

—Zeta Leonidas while he is evolving into Uranium Leonidas

Uranium Leonidas is the evolution of Valentin's Zeta Leonidas. He evolved when given some of Code Eve's powers. He is also a Baku Sky Raider Bakugan and combines with Aericles to form Nightfrenzy.



Uranium Leonidas is the evolved form of Zeta Leonidas, the Ultimate Bakugan of Helstara. He has crystals all over his body that is made of pure uranium that cannot be found anywhere. The Zeta Core of Helstara is mounted on Uranium Leonidas's chest. Uranium Leonidas is also the counterpart of Dan's Titanium Dragonoid.

Role PlaysEdit

Bakugan : Mechtanium SurgeEdit

Uranium Leonidas first appeared in Bakugan : Rise of the BakuMechs RP#1 on the Bakugan Community.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Uranium Brachium:
  • Uranium Tremble:
  • Sonica Shadow:
  • Destruction-O:
  • Trembler Goner:
  • U-Ray:


  • Due to being Titanium Dragonoid's counterpart, Uranium Leonidas's Abilities also seems to be counterparts of Titanium Dragonoid's Abilities. Examples are "Destruction-O" and "Revolution-O", "Uranium Tremble" and "Titanium Rumble", and "Trembler Goner" and "Wonder Superior".
  • When Zeta Leonidas evolved into Uranium Leonidas, he said that “I feel like I’m being reborn, yet, torn apart at the same time!”. This hints that Leonidas may have a strain on the new powers of his new evolution.
  • Uranium Leonidas resembles Zyrin, a Darkus Mechtogan he can summon.
  • The Zeta Core of Helstara on Leonidas’s chest is the same color as the uranium crystals on Leonidas’s body. This may hint that the Zeta Core may have “adopted” a uranium cover for it, since as Zeta Leonidas, the crystal on Leonidas’s chest was a weak spot and since the crystal can no longer be harmed thanks to the uranium cover.
  • Currently, the only Bakugan who has beaten Leonidas when he went out of control so far is Pyrus Elyte, Justin’s Guardian Bakugan. However, Elyte then returned to Ball Form because of exhaustion from using too much power to defeat Uranium Leonidas.
  • He was not supposed to originally be a Baku Sky Raider Bakugan.