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Teion is a fictional character created by a user known as Seiki. Teion's name comes from the japanese word for frequency. Teion is a rather minor character. When he does appear he usually loves music and brawls with Ventus.

Bakugan Tales:Edit

Teion appears in the fan-fiction/role-play series Bakugan Tales. He is son to Dan and Runo, former members of the brawlers. Teion loves music and keeps a keytar close with him. He only uses Ventus Bakugan.

Teion's first appearence comes when the Order of Shadows starts going after the children of the original battle brawlers. Seiki, Hoshi, Aaron, and Valentin go to Teion's house first to see if he and his parents are alright. After a quick battle with Haden, Teion agrees to join the group and help stop the Order. When recruiting Kurai, Teion is chosen to face him to test the strength of the gorup, telling Kurai whether or not it is worth his time to join. Teion wins, barely, getting Kurai to join. The Order later sets off an explosion that seperates Teion from the group along with causing slight memory loss. He is later found a few months later and rejoins the group.

As the worlds are attacked by the Order, Teion is sent to Neathia along with his friends Seiki, Hoshi, Aaron, and Valentin to stop the Order. After fighting Hydron, who is now a member of the Order of Shadows, Teion chases after him to catch him, but is instead captured by Masquerade and turned into a Bakugan under his power. Teion has been used in battle a couple of times by Masquerade against his friends. His fellow brawlers have saved him from Masquerade and returned him to normal, he has decided to stick with them, for now.

Teion's original team is Ventus Aranaut with Ventus Flare Dragaon as his guardian. It is unclear how or where he obtained these Bakugan. When he rejoins the team after the explosion set off the Order of Shadows, Teion is given a Ventus Thor that becomes his new guardian. His former guardian, Flare Dragaon, is kept with his team. Thor leaves his team and it is unknown what became of him, Aranaut then fills the role of guardian.


  • Ventus Ultimate Echo-Echo (Guardian)
  • Ventus Flare Dragaon (Former Guardian)
  • Ventus Aranaut
  • Ventus Thor (Formerly)
  • Ventus Grakas Hound (Trap)