Star Warriors are Bakugan with powerful abilities far beyond an ordinary Bakugan. They are actually normal Bakugan that can turn into more powerful alter egos of themselves with stars on them, giving them their name.


Each Star Warrior Bakugan has stars on them. Pyrus Star Warriors have red, yellow, pink (sometimes) , and orange stars. Aquos Star Warriors has blue, azure, and sky blue stars. Ventus Star Warriors have green, yellow, and aqua green stars. Haos Star Warriors have yellow, orange, and grey stars. Subterra Star Warriors have brown, dark brown, and orange stars. Darkus Star Warriors have violet, green, yellow, purple, and rare visible black stars.

Known Star WarriorsEdit

  • Stardrago (Fusion Dragonoid)
  • Starleo (Amalgam Leonidas)
  • Starcyber (Cyberscar Sorra)
  • Starwolf (Dredmund) (Bakugan vs. Marvel)
  • Starleon (Leonial)
  • Starelyte (Elyte/Forever Elyte)



  • Starwolf (Dredmund) is derived from Marvel villain Dredmund, who became Starwolf for a short peroid of time in the Captain America #407: Man And Wolf Part 6 of 6 from the 1990's.
    • Star Warriors were actually based off Dredmund as Starwolf.