Subterra Sith Dryoid

Subterra Sith Dryoid

Sith Dryoid is the evolution of Dryoid, which was Prince Hydron's Bakugan in Bakugan : New Vestroia. Valentin's father, Igor Kazami, found traces of it in Earth's atmosphere and obtained its remains. Igor Kazami then "resurrected" Dryoid by rebuilding it, but, with some differences. By doing this, he had "evolved" Dryoid and gave his new creation the name "Sith Dryoid".



Sith Dryoid is the evolution of Dryoid. It has armored plates on its rebuilt legs and rebuilt arms. It also has a "light saber"-like energy blade with a blue blade.

Role Plays

Bakugan : Mechtanium Surge

Sith Dryoid did not exactly first appear in a role play - it appeared in a topic on the Bakugan Community called "Sith Dryoid".

Ability Cards

  • Edge Blade:
  • Raigeki Shield: