Aquos Lyincer - Mechanitium Celestial Bakugan

Aquos Lyincer

Lyincer is a huge BakuMech that is also an Aquos Bakugan. It is an evil BakuMech.



Lyincer is almost five times bigger than normal Bakugan, just like other BakuMechs. It has a "fin", which is really a fin-shaped horn, on its back. It also has a fish-like tail and cannons for the lower parts of its arms. It also has two huge red eyes and it appears to have no mouth, even though it can speak and makes sounds. Lyincer has three hooked, sharp claws on each of its feet.

Role PlaysEdit

Lyincer first officially appeared in a role play on the Bakugan Community called Bakugan : Attack of the BakuMechs RP#1.

Lyincer's actual first appearence was in a topic on the Bakugan Community called Custom Bakugan - Lyincer.

In Valentin 98's comic, Lyincer is seen chatting with Cerberus and Druidoid about Ebonite's mission.

Lyincer later appears in a battle against the New Battle Brawlers. He takes down Boarrox and Leonidas, but is defeated by the BakuMechs Biotionoid, Kylite, and Reethla.