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Karli is a fictional character created by a user known as Seiki. It has been revealed that Karli's name comes from a friend of Seiki's. Karli is rather a minor character, yet when she does appear, she is typically a Haos brawler.

Bakugan Tales:Edit

Karli appears in the fan-fiction/role-play series Bakugan Tales. She is daughter to Julie and Billy of the original battle brawlers. Karli is a Haos brawler, and uses only Haos Bakugan.

Karli first appears when the Order of Shadows is revealed to be going after the children of the original battle brawlers. Seiki, Hoshi, Aaron, and Valentin go to her house to see if she and her parents are ok. Hearing of the danger she is in, her parents agree to let her go with the new group of brawlers trying to fight the Order. Karli joins in battle, but rather doesn't do much fighting. The Order later sets off an explosion that seperates her from the team. Seiki eventually finds her and restores her memory that was taken as a side-effect to the explosion.

When the worlds fall to the Order of Shadows, Karli is assigned to go fight on Gundalia and free it from the Order. After a short battle with Masquerade, he capture her and turns her into a Bakugan under his control. He has used her against her friends a couple of times. She was eventually rescued and restored. Having been saved, Karli has decided to leave the group and return home.

Her first guardian Bakugan was Haos Blan Shoult. A Haos Rubanoid was on team as well. Where she got these Bakugan is unknown. After an explosion seperated her from the group, Seiki found her and gave her a Haos Iron Man he had found. This became her new guardian and Blan Shoult was switched to a support member of her team.


  • Haos Blan Shoult (Former Guardian)
  • Haos Rubanoid
  • Haos Iron Man (Guardian)
  • Haos Spyderfencer (Trap)