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Kamron is a fictional character created by a user known as Masquerade originally for Bakugan Tales. He is uses both Pyrus and Aquos yet seems to prefer Pyrus.

Bakugan Tales:Edit

Kamron appears in the fan-fiction/role-play series Bakugan Tales. He is an old friend of Aaron's. Kamron is a member of the Order of Shadows. As a member, he has some dark powers, the origins of which are unknown. It is known that he can use these powers to open portals to go just about anywhere. Kamron is a Pyrus/Aquos brawler with the guardian of Pyrus Apollonir.

Kamron first appeared as one of the members of the Order of Shadows who had turned good and was trying to rebel against the organization from within. As he battle the Order, he met up with an old friend of his, Aaron. Kamron then teamed up with Aaron and his new friends to help fight the Order together as well as defeating Masquerade who had rearisen. As Masquerade began capturing some of Aaron's friends, Aaron and Kamron went off on their own for a short time and saved Seiki from Masquerade before meeting up with Hoshi to rejoin the group. He then helped free the rest of Masquerade's captives alongside Aaron and the new friends he made as he traveled.

When Kamron first appears, his guardian is the legendary soldier, Pyrus Apollonir. He also has an Aquos Abis Omega, Pyrus Atmos, Pyrus Exceedra, and Aquos Clayf. When a machine to create Bakugan is found, Kamron gets and adds Pyrus Ultimate Big Chill, Aquos Ampfibian, Aquos Ultimate Cannonbolt, Pyrus Stinkfly, Aquos XLR8, and Aquos Limulus to his team. While battling Masquerade, Apollonir, Limulus, XLR8, and Stinkfly are lost to the Doom Dimension. With Apollonir lost, Kamron finds a Pyrus Atmos that Aaron had been carrying after Kamron apparently lost it.


  • Pyrus Atmos (Guardian)
  • Aquos Abis Omega
  • Pyrus Exceedra
  • Aquos Clayf
  • Pyrus Ultimate Big Chill
  • Aquos Ampfibian
  • Aquos Ultimate Cannonbolt
  • Pyrus Apollonir (Formerly)
  • Pyrus Stinkfly (Formerly)
  • Aquos XLR8 (Formerly)
  • Aquos Limulus (Formerly)
  • Aquos Dark Hound (Trap)
  • Pyrus Grakas Hound (Trap)