This is the second book of a series called Bakugan Tales entitled The Order of Shadows. It is preceeded by Leonidas's Wish and suceeded by Revolutions.


A man stood in the center of a sidewalk. He was dressed in black clothes. He also wore a black cape and a black hat. The man checked the time on his watch. "He's late," muttered the man. Another man, also in black, was walking toward the first man. On the second man's left shoulder sat a Darkus Bakugan. The first man greeted the newcomer. "Have you brought the package?" The second man held up a black suitcase. "Here it is," he said, handing it to the first man. The Darkus Bakugan looked around, alert in case of intruders. "We should be leaving right now..." grumbled the Darkus Bakugan. "Oh calm down, Stronk. I need to explain our next phase to him," muttered the second man angerly. "No, you're the one who needs to calm down," growled Stronk.

The first man sighed. "Why is the package even in a suitcase?" The second man glared at the first man. "The master told me to put it in a suitcase, for...'protection'," growled the second man. "Ah...I, what's the plan?" asked the first man. "In that suitcase, as you know, contains something extremely dangerous, yet powerful. If we use it, then we may be able to control many Bakugan - and use them for world domination. We will also take over New Vestroia with it!" replied the second man. "I know that, but..." "Well?" "But...what if anyone interferes...?" Stronk floated to face the first man. "Then they shall wish that they were never born!" cackled Stronk.

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