You evil punks are goin' down in the dumps!

Amalgam Leonidas, when facing evil.

Amalgam Leonidas
Amalgam Leonidas
Attribute Darkus
Power 1700 G
BakuNano Bazaakano
First appearance Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge
Voiced by No one.

Amalgam Leonidas is a fan-created evolution of Leonidas in a fan-created Bakugan story. He evolved thanks to his Seal and thanks to Valentin's Pass.


Amalgam Leonidas is an evolution of Leonidas. The form of his wings is the same as it was as Uranium Leonidas. The Zeta Core of Helstara is still in the diamond embedded on Leonidas's chest.


Despite being violent on the field of battle, he is usually very peaceful and wise. Leonidas, like his partner, is very heroic, and his emotions could be an advantage to his disposal, as well as a weakness to him.