Adumbration Dragonoid
Adumbration Dragonoid
Attribute 21px-Pyrus.svg Pyrus
Power 1500
Variations Jade Dragonoid

Quartz Dragonoid

Frost Dragonoid

Brawler Sirius
Adumbration Dragonoid is a variation of Dragonoid that is not alive nor dead, but a state between two. The only one in existence is partnered with Sirius of the Renegade Brawlers.



Adumbration Dragonoid is an undead-like Bakugan. Its chest as the face of Razenoid on it, which indicates it has a relation to it. Adumbration Dragonoid, or more commonly known as "Adumbration", possesses larges scars on his body. He also has tattered wings and sharp spikes covering his body. On his tongue is a bizarre eyeball.


  • "Adumbration" is a synonym for "umbra", which means dark.
    • Though Adumbration Dragonoid is "undead", he is a Pyrus Bakugan.
  • He was originally supposed to be a Darkus Bakugan because of his name.
  • He was originally supposed to be called "Umbra Dragonoid".