So...this is where Valentin and Leonidas now live...?

Wyverx upon entering Bakugan City via portal.

Season {{{season}}}, Episode 1
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A Hero Awakes is episode 1 of The Wyverx Chronicles.


There is tournament in the Battle Arena in Bakugan City and a battle between Dan Kuso and Valentin Kazami is taking place. Both of their Bakugan, Fusion Dragonoid and Amalgam Leonidas, are evenly tied. However, a lime-green colored Mechtogan is then summoned out of nowhere, and it bears a striking resemblance to Zenthon! The newcomer announces himself as Gigathon, and that he challenges the ones called Dan Kuso and Valentin Kazami to a brawl. The two accept, and they battle it out against Gigathon. Unfortunately, strangely, they begin to lose the battle. As the battle rages, the heroes are on the brink of defeat. Suddenly, a mysterious blue colored Dragonoid appears out of a portal from the Doom Dimension. The Dragonoid introduces himself as Wyverx, and surprisingly, knows Valentin and Leonidas!


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  • Gigathon (debut)